Sealed Knot

Britain in the mid 1600s was scene to a series of brutal and protracted civil conflicts which began first in Scotland before spreading to Ireland and later, England. These wars were precipitated by religious fervour which grew into political and nationalistic zealotry as Scotland's anti-Catholic Covenanters strove to maintain independent governance and to impose theological exclusivism throughout Scotland. With its origins in Calvinism, this Presbyterian movement clashed inevitably with the supporters of Anglican king, Charles I and in 1643, the Covenanters allied with the English Parliament to remove the king from power. Seven years later in an ironic volte-face, fearing Scotland's annexation by Cromwell under a Republican Commonwealth, the Covenanters formed an alliance with the renowned pro-Catholic and hedonist, Charles II. On 1st January, 1651, they crowned him King of Scotland on the Moot Hill at Scone Palace, Perthshire.

Today you can watch The Sealed Knot Re-enactment Society in full costume holding Falkland Palace for the King. Will they succeed in deterring Cromwell's men from sacking the royal residence?

Ross House Falkland 2016